Why choose ALC?

Why choose ALC?

At ALC, we take the complexity out of presenting investment property opportunities to your clients, saving you time AND assisting you to deliver sound advice.

ALC is here to remove the legwork and streamline the time it takes to deliver ready-to-rent investment properties to your clients.

As a dedicated property aggregation and delivery service, ALC is committed to connecting the best land developers and home builders to create investment home packages for investment advisors, wealth creators, financial planners, mortgage brokers, accountants and buyer agents.

With a nation-wide network, we can source investment properties to match your clients’ borrowing capacity and set their investment up for success with an ALC Shield Guarantee.

Our investment homes are a complete, turn-key house and land package. That means complete – right down to the clothesline, gardens and letterbox.

We work behind the scenes to make sure all moving parts are effectively coordinated and that all specifications are up to scratch, allowing you to deliver each property exactly as it should be.

Set your clients up with a sound investment, give them confidence AND get paid on time.

For more information about how ALC can work with you, contact us here.

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