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We do more than just source property. We partner with reputable developers and builders committed to delivering high-quality homes, guaranteeing a lasting and sound investment. Dedicated to streamlining the development, design and delivery of investment property for your clients, it allows you to redirect your time to focus on the key aspects of your business.

ALC makes buying investment properties easy for property specialists, buyers’ agents, mortgage brokers, investment advisors, and financial planners.

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client’s next investment property with ALC

We’ve invested in designing complete solutions that deliver value for investors who want a turn-key home, hassle-free.

Simply submit an enquiry with details about the ideal investment property for your client’s needs and receive a comprehensive property pack ready to present to the client, knowing it meets all their property requirements.

How ALC’s Home and Land Packages Benefit Your Clients

Move in Sooner

Our service is dedicated to delivering rent-ready homes so your clients can earn rental income sooner.

No Fuss Process

We do the hard work for you, inspecting every detail to ensure a seamless process.

Turn Key Packages

Our full turn-key house and land packages give your clients everything they need, leaving no post-sale tasks.

Quality Assurance with ALC Shield

We know perfection is a process, which is why our quality assurance program ensures the defect process is stress-free for you.

Our job is to focus on any changes, feedback, or defects. In fact, we’ve developed ALC Shield as a toolkit for quality management, pre-handover and post.

Investors can receive ALC Shield, which includes quality control, independent building inspection, tax depreciation, free lawn & garden care, landlord insurance and first tenant guarantee. This provides exceptional and ongoing value so your clients can have confidence in their investments.

All ALC investment homes are quality-controlled with internal and external audits to ensure that everything works as planned.

We provide a free independent building inspection from a third-party inspection group to ensure every home meets building code requirements.

Offer peace of mind that your client’s investment property will be leased sooner with our guaranteed first tenant introduction.

We’re committed to removing the complexity of investment home delivery, which is why we include tax depreciation schedules with all our investments.

ALC Shield ensures your client’s property is maintained in the best way possible with regular lawn care services free of charge for the first year.

Landlord insurance is essential to protecting a homeowner when things go wrong, so we’ve included a year of free coverage with every home purchased.

Turnkey House and Land Packages

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