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What We Do

Negotiating with developers, executing property analysis.. it’s too time intensive.

Finding the right investment property for your clients can be a timely exercise.

Finding the right property includes understanding population, supply, demand, demographics, jobs, employment rates, local infrastructure, capital benchmarks, comparable re-sale, comparable rent…

You work with numbers. If the numbers make sense, then you have an investment. ALC Projects do the legwork so you can make quick and informed decisions.

The most successful Finance and Property Professionals know that time is money, and that their time is best spent pushing property that is backed by the right data and aggregated by the right team.

We are Property Aggregators in the Wealth Creation Sector

We do all the heavy lifting for you. We do the research that allows you to choose the best investment options for your clients, regardless of their level of property investment experience. We have an extensive track record of delivering outstanding investment opportunities to:

  • Financial Planners
  • Accountants
  • SMSF
  • Investment Firms
  • Property Corporations, and
  • Wealth Creators

We exist to enable you to strategise and plan with your clients so you never have to do the legwork.

Data driven Property Investments that drive your bottom line

We’ve spent years aggregating data from developments around Australia so we know what works, both for you and your clients.

ALC Projects is Australia’s exclusive partner in the wealth creation sector.  Our focus is your business and we understand how valuable your relationship is with your clients, which is why we do everything to protect our partners and their relationship with their clients.

How We Work

  • Your client wants to buy

  • You provide us the criteria

  • We deliver options to your criteria

  • You sell to your client

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