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We deliver property investment homes designed to your investment criteria.

For investment advisors, wealth creators, financial planners, mortgage brokers, accountants and buyer agents, ALC delivers complete investment property packages, made to order from your ideal investment criteria.

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Next day delivery

Simply order the ideal investment property and we’ll send back to you within 24 hours one or more properties that match your ideal investment home criteria.

We operate in Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria, and South Australia.

The complete package

All our investment homes are a complete house & land package. That means complete. Down to the driveway, clothesline, gardens, lawn and a letterbox.

That’s right, complete! No need to do anything but rent the property out.

The complete service

We deliver.

That’s right, we deliver a complete house and land package for you. We’re not the land the developer, we’re not the builder we’re the people who make sure it happens.

That means we work for you behind the scenes making sure the land developer does what they need to do, the builder delivers the correct specification, and you get an investment home delivered.

When you need an investment property that’s delivering returns, we deliver.

ALC Shield removes the pain in the complexity of investment home delivery.

ALC  Shield provides maximum value to purchasers, protecting their investment with; 

  • Third-party quality controlled build process
  • First Tenant Introduction Guarantee
  • Front lawn and garden care for one year
  • Tax depreciation schedule
  • Landlord insurance for one year
  • Independent building inspection

To secure ALC Shield, choose ALC Property Management Partner on your EOI.

Quality control

All ALC investment homes are quality controlled with internal and external audits.

Our job is to ensure there are no headaches in the handover, and everything works as planned and your customers receive a quality investment home.

Guaranteed first tenant introduction

ALC provides a guaranteed first tenant introduction for all properties leased through our property management partner.

You can deliver with the confidence of knowing we deliver.

Lawn & garden care

A great investment is well cared for.

If you use ALC’s preferred property management partner, we’ll ensure home and lawn care services are included.

Tax depreciation

ALC  includes tax depreciation schedules with all investment homes.

Our job is to remove the pain in the complexity of investment home delivery.



For every home managed with our partner property management service, we provide one-year of free landlord insurance.

Sell with the confidence that your clients are looked after with ALC’s investment home service.

Independent building inspection

ALC provides a free independent building inspection from a third party building inspection group for all homes managed through our partner property management service.

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I purchased my first investment property in 2016, in Victoria.

I would highly recommend….. thank you!

Michael C.