Project Marketing

We develop land. Therefore, we have a great understanding of what it takes for a development to be successful.

Every project we partner in is treated as though it is our own. Our sales and marketing strategies are based on the latest local economic data, competitor analysis, and buyer sentiment, allowing us to establish key target audiences.

ALC’s experienced customer success team supports purchasers through the buyer’s journey from the initial contact to settlement and beyond.

Unlike traditional project marketing, ALC can directly assist with pre-sale requirements for the project’s funding. Rather than relying on external partners to deliver contracts, we can strategically target both owner-occupiers and investors through our network of first-home agencies, property specialists, buyers’ agents, mortgage brokers, and investment advisors.

Our strength lies in forming strong partnerships that ensure steady sales rates even when potential buyers aren’t beating down the front door, ultimately de-risking the project.

Fixed Price House and Land Packages