8 Steps to Home Buying Made Easy

Life is busy. We get it.

A seemingly endless cycle of tasks piles up from coordinating with builders and clients, finding and packaging property, chasing updates and managing defects, and multiple contracts to track down. Perhaps you find yourself sacrificing weekends and late nights completing tasks not meant for you, asking yourself why all your time is spent on admin when your real strength lies in closing deals.

Sell More,
Earn More, Work Less

Picture a reality where administrative burdens fade away, leaving you free to focus solely on closing deals. With ALC, you’ll save more than 40 hours per sale, allowing you to invest your time strategically and boost your earning potential.

We make buying new house & land easy

ALC Projects are your dedicated property aggregators, streamlining the process of purchasing new house and land.

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Here’s how

Becoming a partner means joining our close knit community of agencies, property specialists, buyers’ agents, mortgage brokers, investment advisors, and financial planners who have signed a marketing agreement with ALC Projects. Enabling you to:
  • Access our curated list of ready-to-purchase and deliver homes and request a property pack.
  • Order a property to match your needs in our target growth regions.
What do you need to do? Request a marketing agreement

When you work with ALC Projects, you receive homes ready to sell using our innovative property pack. Simply request one of our weekly lists of pre-approved homes or order a home with specific attributes.

Regional growth data, maps, investment data, floor plans, and features are all in the right order ready to use in the right way for a sales presentation. 

We understand the importance of quickly customising our property pack to align with your brand. That’s why we’re designed to be adaptable, making it easy to seamlessly incorporate your organisation’s identity. Alternatively, you are welcome to utilise ALC Projects as an independent party.

We recognise you have a busy schedule. We’re here to simplify and quicken the process. Each property pack you receive from us maintains a consistent structure and flow, guaranteeing a familiar and efficient experience. Empowering you to close more often with less effort.

Place an order

When you’re ready to secure a home, simply send us the EOI, and we’ll coordinate the contract document creation for you.  You’ll save time, look sharper, and earn faster using our ordering process. Ordering a property is now simpler than arranging a home delivery. You’ll find clear instructions within the property pack. We’ll reach out to confirm the details, secure the property and, most importantly, your commission.

Working with ALC Projects means we coordinate all the paperwork and pay you for it.

Once the EOI has been placed, we work behind the scenes, ensuring contracts, solicitors, and banks align.

At this point, we’ll be communicating with you directly and you’ll have a customer success team member working for you behind the scenes to make your life easier. All you need to do is do what you do best and close the final contract. Close, get paid, and do it all again. 

Selling should be that simple, shouldn’t it?

Hundreds of steps and decisions need to be made when delivering a new home. Building homes can be the most exciting time, and sadly, many become the most stressful. Not for you.

We’ve done the hard work for you by building a home delivery system that would make Henry Ford proud. Our system of delivery ensures you get paid and relieves you of the burden of details. 

We love details so that you can love sales. 

At the end of step 5, your client gets a new home, you get paid and we get the satisfaction of delivering another ALC Project.

Perfection is a process, so our quality assurance program ensures the defect process is stress-free. 

Our job is to focus on any changes, feedback, or defects.

In fact, we’ve developed ALC Shield as a toolkit for quality management pre-handover and post.

Investors can receive ALC Shield, which includes quality control, tax depreciation, free lawn & garden care, landlord insurance and first tenant guarantee. This provides exceptional and ongoing value so your clients can have confidence in their investments.

Although this can be the easiest step, it is the most important. We coordinate with you and the property management to ensure the property is rent-ready. 

If the home is protected with ALC Shield, then you’ll also have final depreciation schedules, rental guarantee, and lawn maintenance will be scheduled.

We understand the intricate web of responsibilities you juggle daily, and we’re here to reshape your journey with a touch of simplicity and an abundance of empathy.

It’s that easy!

We’ve made home buying easy, so you can make sales simple.