Property Investment Full Turn-Key Explained

Property Investment Full Turn-Key Explained

If you work in the property investment industry, you have probably heard about the term ‘’Full Turn Key” properties. Other expressions within the industry such as “move-in-ready” or “complete new homes” may come to mind, too. At ALC, all our homes are Full Turn Key, which means our properties are delivered complete and include everything that a family needs to turn the key and move in straight away.


What Does Full Turn-Key Mean?

From all your internal fittings such as tapware and appliances through to landscaping, completed driveway, clothesline and even the numbers on the letterbox, our turnkey houses offer a whole world of benefits to buyers and their tenants. There is no need to pay any extra money to get the investment home to a fully completed stage. This is also of great benefit to investment advisors, mortgage brokers, accountants or buyer agents, as choosing an ALC Full Turn Key home will allow you to both save time and sell knowing our properties won’t require any additional work.

In other words, a Full Turn Key property by ALC means acquiring a hassle-free investment with exceptional service from start to finish, including property sourcing, packaging, delivery and handover.

The ALC Guarantee

At ALC, we guarantee that our ready-to-rent properties meet client requirements in terms of location, size and budget. We work with the best professionals in the industry, from land developers to home builders, and perform quality audits across every delivered ALC house to ensure high customer satisfaction.   

Our experience and thorough understanding of the process we created gives brokers and agents peace of mind and a competitive advantage for investment home delivery.

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