Welcome to the new ALC – How to sell more investment property more quickly?

Welcome to the new ALC - How to sell more investment property more quickly?

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We are excited to release the new ALC to our community of property investment experts.

Now, instead of spending hours a week reading stock lists from people all over the country, we invite you to order what you want.

Yes, it is that simple; try us out here for free.

By the way, its free forever to order an investment pack.

Listening to our customer’s needs, we’ve developed an industry-leading, simple platform to give you want you need to present to your client.

The right investment property, packaged professionally, ready to present

All property ordered is delivered in a professionally packaged set of materials.

All property includes our no-hassle handover & innovative ALC Shield.

Stop spending a tremendous amount of time and effort sourcing, securing and packaging the suitable property investment to present to your clients.

We take away that pain.


How to sell more investment property more quickly?


We do the leg work for you.

We have a vast network of land developers with stock.

We have a set of innovative designs and build partners to package ideal investment stock in Victoria, Queensland, New South Wales and South Australia.

These investment properties range from:

  1. Terrace homes; attached or semi-attached.
  2. Standalone traditional homes with frontages as follows:
    a. 8.5m (3 / 2 / 1)
    b. 10.5m (3-4 / 2 / 2)
    c. 12.5m (4 / 2 / 2)
  3. SMSF; single, one-part contract property

You get what you want to meet your client’s expectations.

Simply order an investment property with us here.

Tell us the size, budget, location and any other ideal investment characteristics.

In less than 24 hours, we’ll have a professional, high-quality presentation pack back to you, ready for your in-home, sales presentation or video call.

What’s in our investment property presentation pack?

  1. House and Land Brochure
    a. Renders
    b. Floor Plan
    c. Landscape Plan
    d. Inclusions List
  2. Estate Brochure
  3. Neighbourhood Amenities
  4. Inclusions Upgrade Option
  5. ALC Shield
  6. Rental Appraisal
  7. Buyer Journey
  8. EOI Form

We take away the complexity of investment home delivery.

Our job is to make sure the investment home suits your client’s investment criteria, is delivered on time and has a no-hassle handover.

The last thing you want is problem phone calls on poor quality building delivery or disorderly communication with rental agents.

PLUS – ALC Shield delivers outstanding guarantees and services to overcome any client hesitation or objections.

What is ALC Shield?

ALC Shield removes the pain in the complexity of investment home delivery.

ALC Shield provides maximum value to purchasers, protecting their investment with;

• Third-party quality-controlled build process
• First Tenant Introduction Guarantee
• Front lawn and garden care for one year
• Tax depreciation schedule
• Landlord insurance for one year
• Independent building inspection

Try us out here for free.


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