How to simplify investment property maintenance

Investment property maintenance with ALC Shield

One of the biggest objections to owning property is investment property maintenance.

We bring peace of mind because we take away the pain in the complexity of investment home delivery and management.

ALC includes lawn and garden care for all properties purchased through our ALC Shield initiative .

We all know that sometimes the tenant does not maintain the property in the same way an owner-occupier might.

That’s ok. As investment property experts, we’re here to make the management more effortless.

We have developed a service package that keeps lawns and gardens maintained for your Client and the tenant.

This is a win/win. The Landlord knows the property is being maintained, and the tenant knows they don’t have to do it.

Investment property maintenance with ALC Shield
ALC Shield provides 12-month lawn and garden care investment property maintenance.

What is included in our investment property maintenance for lawn and garden care?

From handover to first tenancy, Garden Care will carry out the following services:

  • Mow, edge and weeding of both front and rear yards

Post-tenancy, Garden Care will carry out the following services to your front yard only:

  • Guaranteed minimum of 15 visits per year:
  • October to May – every three (3) weeks
  • June to September – every month
  • Front yard mow, edge and weeding of garden bed/s
  • Fertilise annually
  • Pruning and trimming of shrubs as required*
  • Digital photographic updates of the front yard twice per year

Our history, expertise and quality control mean a better property for your clients

When you have a system to manage your investment property maintenance, you can multiply the properties under management more efficiently.

Here are five ways we help.

1. Regular maintenance

Regular maintenance over time reduces the cost of capital required at tenant change over. Material items also last longer when cared for.

2. Better looking, better rents

A well-maintained property is more likely to rent either faster or for more. Many investors fail to maintain their property and then lose too much time when trying to rent the property.

In property rental, time is money.

The easier and faster you can place a new tenant, the better the portfolio will be.

3. Consistent and planned

Our twelve-month maintenance program is planned ahead to ensure that your lawn and garden care is maintained to the highest standard.

Our landscape designs ensure that we plan for lower maintenance but higher quality outcomes. We design and build for purpose.

4. Better maintenance leads to better capital growth

It’s no surprise that if you maintain an asset effectively, the investment will be worth more in time than the one that is not maintained.

There is no difference with your investment property maintenance.

If you maintain your asset well over the long term, it will appreciate better than those which are not.

5. Low or zero impact on net cashflow

Lawn and garden care is typically a tax-deductible activity.

This can lead to a low or zero impact on net cashflow. Always discuss your financial scenario with your accountant to ensure you get the maximum return on your investment property.

Investment property maintenance with ALC Shield
ALC Shield ensures the best outcome balanced on the best return for your investment property maintenance.

How do we help you simplify investment property maintenance?

  1. Regular maintenance of each property’s front yard complements your residential investment property portfolio in the following way:
  2. Guaranteed upkeep of properties and therefore improved overall appearance of the estate
  3. Increased prospects for capital appreciation if gardens and landscaping are maintained
  4. Increased rental marketability by offering tenants a garden-maintained residence
  5. Tax deductibility of the service

Check out ALC Shield and order your new investment property here.

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