How to receive a guaranteed first tenant introduction

guaranteed first tenant introduction

ALC provides a guaranteed first tenant introduction for all properties leased through our preferred property management partner Coronis Invest.

ALC Projects are property investment experts

ALC Projects finds and delivers properties for those selling investment homes. We support Wealth Creators, Financial Advisors, Brokers and any organisation that wants a simplistic way to source and deliver investment homes for their clients.

We take away the pain in the complexity of sourcing and delivering investment homes for wealth creators and advisors.

Guaranteed first tenant introduction

Our preferred management partner will ensure your Property Management Package reflects your needs.

It is their knowledgeable advice and ongoing premium service from our incredible team of Property Managers that makes all the difference between a seamless property investor experience or constant challenges.

At the time of writing;

Current average time to secure a tenant: 10 days
Current on time tenant payments across the management book: 96%

guaranteed first tenant introduction

Objections resolved with guaranteed first tenant introduction

As a professional, guiding your clients to the right property investment is challenging enough.

Not only does ALC Projects provide a market-leading ‘made to order’ property investment service, but all property investors receive a guaranteed first tenant introduction.

Here’s how the guaranteed first tenant introduction works

If your property is not tenanted within 14 days from handover, then you will receive a predetermined figure per week pro-rata until the property is tenanted.*

We understand to achieve long term financial goals, it is important to minimise vacancies and poor tenant selection whilst ensuring clear communication is practised along the way.

General conditions

  1. Listen to and accept the market advice as to the asking price for the rent
  2. Provide the property in a lettable condition with full access to the property for the Coronis Invest team
  3. Agree to any marketing or advertising that is recommended by the team

Would you like to know more?

Make an order and see how we work. Tell us what kind of property, budget, location and any other attributes and we’ll send a property that best matches your criteria in a professional marketing pack ready for client presentation.

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