Property Aggregators: What do they do?

Building trust with your clients is fundamental to your success, and organising and managing the wealth of your clients is your most important task. This includes advising clients on their best investment opportunities, and helping them to make the wisest decisions. However, putting together a comprehensive investment portfolio, complete with property investments, is time consuming and complex. That’s where a property aggregator like ALC Projects comes in.


What is a property aggregator?


Well-intentioned family and friends, prolific media reports and even real estate websites and search engines often do little to demystify the property market. There is a huge amount of misleading and inaccurate data available to your clients from these sources, and others, when it comes to property investment. Despite this, property investors often use a mix of these resources, and their own existing biases to make their investment decisions.


While the roles of real estate agents and buyer’s agents are typically well-understood, that of a property aggregator is still somewhat of a mystery to many. The realm of property investment is multifarious, and making wise property investment decisions involves a deep understanding of a range of factors. These factors include but are not limited to:


  • Supply and demand of property
  • Population of the area
  • Regional demographics
  • Local infrastructure
  • Job opportunities and employment rates
  • Local amenities and future developments
  • Upcoming property developments
  • Capital benchmarks
  • Average re-sale and rental returns


Needless to say, as a financial advisor, you’ve got little time to study each of these factors in detail. A property developer, on the other hand, has expertise is in bringing new developments to fruition, and not in building relationships with finance professionals. A property aggregator is experienced in both crucial real estate and investment considerations, and works between property developers and financial professionals to gather together a portfolio of attractive investment opportunities. Doing much of the hard work for you, property aggregators like ALC Projects take care of the hard work, and bring simple, easy-to-understand property investment options to you, for your clients.


What does ALC Projects do?


With years of experience, ALC Projects are a leading Australian property aggregator. Researching property, meeting with real estate agents, evaluating investment opportunities and collating the results for your clients is not only time consuming, but is fraught with risk. Not having a thorough understanding of the property market, and detailed knowledge of those factors listed above, can make organising property investment options a tall order. At ALC Projects, we have a background in property investment and real estate which helps us to make the property investment process as easy as possible.


Our impartial, independent advice brings you the most appropriate investment properties for your clients, without the hassle involved in researching and doing the legwork yourself. We have an extensive history of delivering outstanding results to our clients, and our networks and relationships with both developers and finance professionals means that we have a finger on the pulse of property investment, and understand event the subtlest of market fluctuations.


Making property investment decisions, in all their complexity, can sometimes seem like little more than crystal ball gazing. Not so, when you have a property aggregator like ALC on board. Imagine being able to trust one dedicated, experienced firm of agents to bring the best properties to your clients.


We have market-leading experience in providing property investment opportunities to:

  • Financial planners and accountants
  • Self-managed super funds (SMSF)
  • Investment firms
  • Property corporations
  • Wealth creators


We identify, source and negotiate property investment opportunities with our network of property developers to bring you and your clients the most attractive investment properties. In fact, our strong relationships with developers allows us to negotiate competitive rates which would otherwise be unavailable. ALC Projects uses detailed market analysis and research in order to take the hard work out of property investment decisions, so that you can spend your time doing what you do best: helping your clients to build their wealth.


To offer your clients the best property investment advice, you need to engage a property aggregator. Our research enables you to quickly make informed decisions when offering property investment opportunities to your clients, regardless of their level of experience in property investment. With consultants like ALC Projects on board, you have years of experience and property sector expertise at your disposal. For more information about our property aggregation services, get in touch with our team today.


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