Housing Development Report

Property Aggregators: What do they do?

Building trust with your clients is fundamental to your success, and organising and managing the wealth of your clients is your most important task. This includes advising clients on their best investment opportunities, and helping them…
Property Investment Salisbury Queensland

Investing in Salisbury - Property Investments

Southeast Queensland has recently been named one of Australia’s top performing regions in terms of property investment. Large infrastructure investments and expansions have gone a long way to making Brisbane and surrounding southeast regions…
Brisbane Four Year High

Queensland’s Residential Sales Reach A Four-Year Record High Of $51bn

Queensland Annual Residential Sales are currently sitting at an all time four-year high. The Real Estate Institute of Queensland has now revealed that in 2014, $51 billion of residential property was traded in Queensland. As reported by…
Homes Value Change Australia

Home Value Increases 2016

How home values have changed in 2016 across Canberra, Adelaide, Brisbane Hobart, Sydney and Melbourne. The below graphic shows the value of housing increases across Australia's capital cities for 2016
Housing Development Report